Boris Pazdera – Developer with a passion for starting new projects

Hi, I’m glad you stopped by on my website. Unfortunately, most of the content is in Czech.

Hope I will take courage to the English version once, but at the moment you will find only a few posts about the possibilities of getting benefits on some FinTech services (which I really like).

At least you will get a bonus that is probably not bad, is it?

Flashes of my life...

Where I am involved...

UnBounded, z. s. - Přednášky, konzultace, podpora OZP

A non-profit organization with a wide scope of activities from the support of people with disabilities to marketing activities, lectures, and discussions.

Logo chráněné dílny

The project aimed at helping to promote sheltered workshops (a company employing more than 50% of PWD) in the Czech Republic.

Logo Volnočasovky SPORT, z. s.

A non-profit organization focused on children's experiential education with an emphasis on children's social development.

And in various projects (and companies), which I must not specify 🙂