EstateGuru referral code – bonus 0,5 %

EstateGuru referral code (link to service – opens in new window), is a special code that will give you a small advantage at the beginning. For every investment you make you get an extra 0.5% in the first 3 months.

To get this bonus, simply go to EstateGuru using the button below to register. This will be added to your bonus:

During the registration, you can assign the code “EGU28092” (without the quotation marks), but it is not necessary, everything is hidden in the buttons above.


With this code, you get the advantage of returning 0.5% extra for each investment in the first 3 months and, paradoxically, this system is much lighter than Mintos. In this case, you will be refunded 0.5% as soon as the entire amount is invested.

In other words, if you invest EUR 1000 in one loan, you will get EUR 5.