Lenndy – P2P loans – Get bonus of 10 €

Lenndy offers a bonus of 10 € (link to the service) after registration and the first investment. This means that thanks to the bonus, you can get a bonus for Lenndy after the first investments and thus increase your earnings.

To receive this bonus, you will need to register, including your verification, and then invest at least 100 € in loans. A 10 € bonus will then be added to your Lennda account.

This bonus is free and just go to Lenndy through one of these buttons and fill out the registration:

How Lenndy bonus works

Getting this bonus is very easy and there is no catch behind it.

The first step is registration. You will need to verify your identity during registration. This is not unusual and is needed for almost all investment services.

Once you register with Lenndy, you must top up this account. The investment is here in Euros, which means that your account is also maintained here in this currency. As everywhere else, I recommend using a money transfer service (if you do not already have it in Euros). You can also use a currency conversion calculator to do this.

You already have registration and the money you have charged, so all you have to do is choose the loans in which you will invest. In order to receive this bonus, you must invest at least 100 Euros, which can go into several loans. So, for example, you can invest 10 loans each for 10 euros, ie 100 euros in total, as part of diversification.

This money will then be credited to your Lenndy account and you can either withdraw it or reinvest it.

Kid stuff, right? This practically gives you a bonus of 10% and it pays off!