Mintos promo code – Get a 1% bonus for each investment

Mintos promo code on the platform is the way you can earn as much as 1% more from the new investment you make in the first 90 days as a new investor. It would be a shame not to use it at first.

This bonus is free and you only have to go to Mintos through one of these buttons and complete the registration:

Although you will be able to fill in the promo code (MINTOSCLUB.Z5KRSS) in the subsequent Mintos registration form, you have already added the bonus with the button above.

How Mintos promo code and bonus works

Once you sign up via the button above, a 90-day period (in three 30-day iterations) will begin.  When you make an investment Mintos will return you a portion of your money back. The principle of getting a bonus is not as simple as it looks, let’s get it a little closer to get the most out of it.

The amount returned to you at the end is always calculated from the money invested on each day for 30 days.

Which means that if you invest your money the first day in every 30-day iteration, it gets an extra 1%, but if you invest only half the month, you will receive “only” a half bonus. In the same way, all 3 iterations (1-30, 31-60, 61-90) are calculated.


From the above system of payments and bonus counting, the following procedure is best used:

  • Investment Day 1
  • Investment Day 31
  • Investments 61st day

In doing so, you should be guaranteed the maximum possible return on this bonus.