Revolut free card and €11 bonus

Revolut gives a free card to everyone, who registers on the recommendation of another registered member (it is a basic card, which is otherwise charged CZK 100). You can tell your friend or use my registration link (After redirection you will fill your mobile number and they will send you the link for application download). If you use this link you will get a free card and at the moment 300 CZK ≈ €11 bonus (I will get a smaller reward for the recommendation of you).

The Revolute is a British institution that has come up with a revolution in the finance industry, or elsewhere today called FinTech. It offers most services like regular banks but adds something extra. Thanks to its functions, it is able to excite mostly young people, but today it is interesting even to more adults, who understood that it is possible to pay cheaper abroad for currency conversion.

Revolut offers many services such as:

  • Hold more than 25 currencies per card
  • You can pay even with more currencies
  • Cheap currency conversions (without any fee on weekdays)
  • IBAN to the account (so this account can be used to receive money)
  • Purchase and holding cryptocurrencies
  • Saving in Vault
  • Virtual cards for better security
  • Purchase of shares
  • Lightweight and clear application (UX friendly)
  • and much more…

If you’re interested in more information, I’ve written a full review, but it is in Czech, unfortunately.